A full range of certified nail technician courses in Dubai to become a nail tech with European degree diploma with E.Mi nail salon school.

All syllabuses are updated in 2020 to give you the most innovative manicure techniques.

Accredited nail art technician courses in Dubai classes. After 1-4 days course, you will do excellent designs on your client’s fingernails.
Unique technology of E.Mi GEL SYSTEM is easy even for beginners: quick and simple procedures, 100% self-modeling, minimum sawing.


The E.Mi school is a certified nail technician course that will teach you to do the perfect #emimanicure.

Art painting

The basic training will teach amazing and simple to do designs. If you don’t have experience the trainer helps you with the right-hand fixation and other professional tips.

Marble, Geometry & Abstract

Take this class to learn the main techniques of artistic painting on the fingernails. The course is the perfect option for a technician without extensive experience in Nail Art.

3D Sophisticated Glam

Luxurious #emimanicure! Glassy Flowers is a gorgeous combination of legendary techniques together with specially developed E.Mi Gemty Gels that reproduce best jewelry on your nails. As well as learning of a new method to make cute 3D berries on fingernails.

Modeling with Plasticine Aqvin

Study a new plasticine technique to do 3D manicure.

Art Glass works

Ideal solutions for fashionistas who want something “new” and trendy.

One Stroke Painting

The One stroke is the unique technology designed by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko to create roses, flower-buds, poppies and sakura flowers and callas.


Learn watercolor nail art technique to make delicate semi-transparent patterns on fingernails.

Stylized Paintings: Flora, Fruits, Outfit

The advanced class teaches to paint the artistic stylization of flowers, outfit pieces, and fruits.

Zhostovo painting

Our high-qualified trainer teaches the stroke application method to create Zhostovo art: authored classical and back view of roses, camomile & poppy, etc.


Become a high demand specialist with high-end and simple technology from E.Mi. Your clients will love aesthetic, strong and natural looking artificial nails you do.

E.Mi Gel system - Main course

Learn our nail extension method with E.Mi Gel system that allows you to do the perfect artificial nail less than 1.5 hours. The technology allows you to make persist manicure for the whole month without the correction.

Competitive Modeling training

It’s an advanced training for experienced nail technician will bring you onto the TOP of the nail extension level. The class is suitable for preparation for a contest.


Manicure is not just a treatment of nails, also strengthening and covering. The course combines manicure training, modeling techniques with gel and gel polish. 

Combi-style Manicure course.

The education program teaches you to make a high-class salon manicure: nail care & technology of strengthening, lengthening on 1-2 mm., coating with gel polish. It’s even more than a manicure. Check it out!


Our unique educational programs elaborated specially for beginners and nail salon technicians without artistic education. All training courses are based on original techniques developed by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko – a world champion in nail design.


European certificate.
The official European certificate of mastery in the appropriate nail technology is given after the finalizing the course.
Free training materials.
All tools and models are provided free of charge.
80%-100% of practice.
Our education is full of practice.
Small student groups.
The training groups consist of 6-8 students. The teacher explains to each student and helps to overcome her difficulties.

+1 reason for studying of #emimanicure


We teach you to do designs, that are chosen by Hollywood celebrities. 

Noomi Rapace

The Swedish actress uses E. MiLac.


The American singer and Hollywood actress prefers fashion designs by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko.

Doutzen Kroes

The Dutch supermodel and actress knows how to impress with a magnificent bright manicure.

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