Guide how to do nail art designs step by step at home without tools

Make nail art designs easy without special tools with our step by step guides. All you need is available in our shop in Dubai.

Materials used

All materials for this manicure are available in EMi store in Dubai. To make this 3D nail art you need:

  • Charmicon 3D sticker «Words» Gold, 
  • Gemty Gel “Citrine”
  • Base Gel
  • TOP Gel Tackless
  • E.MiLac gel polish:
    • 030 «Black Gloss»
    • 157 «Golden Diva»,
    • 186 «Hot Girl», 
  • TEXTONE «Gold», 

This products you can buy in EMi shop in Dubai.

Step by step guide: Easy nail art for beginners

Step 1: Gel polish application.

  • Prepare the nail plate. Cover it with Black Gel Polish 030  and let it dry in LED / CCFL during 1 min., UV – 2 min.

Step 2: Apply a sticker.

  • Stick Charmicon 3D sticker “Letters” gold color.

Step 3: Toning.

  • Tint with Gold Gel polish 157 and dry: LED / CCFL – 1 min., UV – 2 min.

Step 4: Glue a sticker

Step 5: Draw a heart and dots.

  • Apply EMiLac 186 “Hot thing” to draw a decorative heart and dots on the crown.
  • Apply EMiLac Top Gel Tackless 2 times: make 1 layer, 2 minutes of drying, the second layer.

Step 6: Gemty Gel.

  • Form the beads with Gemty Gel “Citrine” and draw diamonds. Put in a lamp for 2-3 min.

Step 7: Textone paint.

  • Сover the beads and diamonds with gold TEXTONE paint.
  • Apply EMiLac Top Gel Tackless. LED / CCFL – 2 min., UV – 2 min. 
  • Give volume to a heart with Top Gel Tackless. Keep the fingers in a lamp for 2 minutes. Degrease the gel.

Here is a very nice nail design that easy to do for beginners with step by step guide. Many of our designs are simple in performance, especially with using of  stickers. Choose one of the nail art with stickers and make it easy with EMi products.