Intensive nail art technician course in Dubai

The training name is “Geometry, Marble & Abstraction

It’s an intensive 1 day education for nail technicians to learn how to do how to do marble nail art & beautiful abstract and geometric designs on fingernails. It is a full training, that gives you complete knowledge. The course suites for a beginner without previous experience or any artistic degree.

4 day class

8 hours of the intensive learning per day. It is almost 100% of practice to do designs.

Complete education

It is enough to pass this one training to make a beautiful fingernail art. You can take other class in addition, but this is not mandatory.

Get a Certificate

You will get an official certificate of EMi academy.

This one day course let you make marble nails and abstract designs easy and fast. You will be able to offer a fashion manicure to your clients. The technique is good for both: salon technicians and freelancers.



During the intensive training you will get a knowledge how to do marble nail art without water, as well as impressive designs with straight lines and clear geometry shapes. The course suites for beginners and salon technicians without special artistic education & an extensive experience in manicure. Our technique of marble manicure is elaborated to do it fast and easily.

The syllabus:

Imitation of marble on fingernails

Geometry drawings with fine beautiful lines

Gemty Gel + Textone to decorate and make accents

Negative Space technique of nail art

4 day training

It is an intensive nail technician course: during the 8 hours of the learning per day you get a complete knowledge and practical skills of drawings on fingernails. If you are a novice in manicure field don’t worry our trainer helps to take main skills fast. At the end of the training you will have done around 6-10 excellent designs.

5-7 students at the classroom

Our groups are quite small, it has usually no more than 5-7 people. The teacher helps each of you to get the best result.


EMi school in UAE provides certificates to each student.

Good for beginners

The course tech to do complex, very beautiful designs however the syllabus is organized to allow to get all skills even for beginners.


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