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Be an expert for your clients

Today there are thousands of salons. I’m sure there are 2-5 salons even on your street. So why does a client will choose yours? Смайлик ВК 🤔 - Задумался

We discussed this topic in our previous article. Today will be focused on 1 important point of it: how to be an expert & a professional adviser for a client to increase their loyalty to your salon.

Bear in mind you must satisfy the client’s desires. Ladies do not desire to get Gel nails even if they require especially Gel nails. They desire to wear beautiful nails as long as possible. So, you must suggest to a lady an optimal manicure, that she will wear long.

You should offer to clients only 4 manicure services (read more why here):

  • Manicure + a covering with ordinary varnish
  • Manicure with Gel Polish
  • Strengthening of natural nails + Gel polish (or Gel paint)
  • Nail art designs 

To become an expert in the eyes of the client. Before starting any procedure, your manager should carefully examine the client’s nails. She should conclude how strong her fingernails are.

If the nails are very strong and the girl does not damage the nails while doing any kind of work, then the manager offers a covering with ordinary varnish or long-lasting polish. If the nails are relatively strong, then advise her to make a gel polish. Those who have weak nails (and most of them) strongly recommend to strengthen natural nails.

Just follow this simple recommendation. Your clients will appreciate it because their manicure will be beautiful for a long time. Very soon ladies ask only “do as always”. It will be the highest rating of your work. 


Let us consider in more detail each type of manicure. 

  • Manicure with varnish covering.

This is a service for girls who have very good strong nails. In addition, it is a good choice only for girls who do not do any homework on their own hands. Only in this case, the varnish coating will be kept up to 10 days. How often you see extremely strong fingernails? Yes, very seldom: 3-5% only have it. Therefore, this service is rarely used. To make the covering with usual varnish profitable for the salon, we recommend you to sell to these customers products “to grab and go” (they can use at home). Try to sell them varnish, cuticle remover, orange sticks, creams. 

  • Manicure with Gel Polish.

This is the best option for 30-35% of ladies. It is suitable for clients with medium quality nails and with a low mechanical load on the nails (it means she does not any housekeeping work, sport exercises and whatever by using fingers). Then the lady will wear beautiful gel manicure for 2-3 weeks. We strongly recommend you advise this kind of clients to try strengthening natural nails. Firstly offer her the gel strengthening with a gel polish coating. After replace gel polish with gel paint.

This is the most resistant manicure, which perfectly stays on nails up to 4-5 weeks. It is the optimal manicure for 60-65% of the lady. Think how many % of your customers order gel extensions in your salon today? If less than 60%, then right now you are not providing the most optimal service to your customers. You have to change it. Girls will love your salon and it is a profitable service for the salon! 

Do not call this service “extensions”. Call it the strengthening of natural nails. There are 2 reasons to rename it. The first is everyone wants to have natural nails, not artificial. So, do not use any words related to unnatural nail. The second, the strengthening is not a classical gel extension. 

The strengthening is a patented technology of the gel system from EMi brand. It is much faster to do & more healthy. It gently treats nails. In contrast to the classical extension, strengthening takes only 1.5 hours instead of 2-3 hours. Let your technicians pass training to increase the speed and quality of their work.

There is also a special procedure – recovering – for correction of strengthened nails. It also is faster to do and healthy than the classical correction. The recovering is the most profitable service for a beauty salon. The margin can be high and it provides the highest customer loyalty. 

It is important! Strive to transfer as many clients as possible to the strengthening of natural nails. This will ensure the success of your business!

Why you must to motivate customers to buy the strengthening instead of a Gel Polish covering?

If you do a good gel extension or the strengthening of natural nails clients will comeback your salon. Girls can do manicure with usual varnish or gel polish in any salon. It is easy, many salons can do it. 


A gel extension is a complicated procedure technologically. Complicated procedures create clients’ loyalty, because not each salon do it good enough. Also, it requires to do the correction in the same salon. So, if you does an excellent gel extension a client will come back each month only to you. She will not visit any other salon ever for any special offer they provide.

One more recommendation: charge for the strengthening as much as gel nails. Read more about the pricing here.

What do you need to do right today?

Ask your salon manager to calculate how much your salon sells:

  • manicures with usual varnish
  • manicures with gel polish
  • extensions.

After that make a target for your salon manager to increase sales of gel extensions by 15% & increase sales of nail art by 15% during the next 3 months. Let the manager read this article to know how to achieve it.