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Loyal clients make a salon successful

A successful salon has a lot of loyal clients. Those ones who do not go to another salon due to a new special offer or termination of her preferable technician. You should create such loyal customers by improving your salon management & customer care policy. 

It is important to make clients’ loyalty to your beauty salon, not just one of your VIP masters. Now we will discuss how to achieve it.

Customer's expectations

The first thing you need to understand is your task is to meet (to exceed) customer expectations. Hence the question arises of what is the clients’ expectations.

EMi has been involving in the salon business for about 15 years and we have seen all kinds of clients. But almost all of their expectations are reduced to a shortlist. One moment: our main specialty is nails, so let’s speak on the example of a manicure service Эмодзи 💅 ВКонтакте. You can use these ideas for any services (haircut, cosmetology, or any other).

Customer’s expectations are:

  • To have a strong manicure for 2-6 weeks &  Rarely to visit a salon.

Hence, our first recommendation to you: before providing a service your salon manager should clearly understand what kind of nails the client has (how strong are them, how the lady use them) and recommend to her an optimal manicure service to make her to wear the manicure as long as possible. The girl will appreciate it and even love you. You will be an excellent expert for her.

One of our next articles will be focused on the nails types and how to select an optimal service. Now just bear in mind if a lady has weak nails, no one gel polish stays a month on fingernails. You should recommend gel strengthening instead of gel polish.

Maybe you think your customers don’t want to change their preferences. We know how to contribute to it, read more here.

  • Everyone wants to have beautiful natural nails. Offering the nail extension do not use such words as “extension”, “acrylic nails”, “artificial” etc. Do not tell the client words associated with unnatural. Say “strengthen”, ” recover”.
  • Clear pricing.

If you think your customers are rich enough and don’t think about the price, you are probably mistaken. A client should easily find out the final price. Sometimes it happens you see price, take a service, and after you are suddenly informed you have to pay more because some extra services have been provided to you. Never do that to your clients. Do not ask to pay even one fils more. Even if you had to make a correction or a nail lengthening or some other extra services. Learn more about it here

  • Quickly. All nail services are no more than 1.5 hours in a chair. Yes, your techs must do even gel extension for 1.5 hours only. If your techniques are slower, then provide them professional training. 

A hint: let your technicians do manicures on top of each other with a timer. They should strive to keep within the allotted time, and if not, understand where they spend too much time.

  • Ladies want to be fashionable. The easiest & inexpensive way is to offer new nail designs each 3 months. You can create your own fashionable manicures or learn ready-made nail art designed by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko.

Okay, your technicians are ready to make new nail arts. But you may say to me: my clients usually do not order designs, they even do not ask for nail art!

It can be so now. But what is the reason? Ladies do not buy it because they do not understand what exactly you can do them. Sometimes owners tell me “we do new sets of designs on tips and frame them up. we do it each 3 months. However only a few ladies order it 😩😩 Why?!😪😪” I know why. They just do not understand the cost of it!

A girl sits in a chair, looks at the designs, she wants to try but keeps silent. Do not even ask the price or any question.

We know how to overcome it. We recommend to use our season table tents with new designs & written prices right on the table tent. The girl sees an awesome manicure, she sees an inexpensive price… why not to try?

  • Positive emotions. There can be a lot of things to improve to bring good emotions to your clients. Let’s talk about the main ones.
  1. A girl must leave the salon feeling like a queen👸🏼👑. Therefore, it is very important to provide comprehensive services, including massage of hands, creams, etc. Ask your friend to come to your salon as a “mystery shopper“.
  2. Do nail designs (you can even provide 1 design for free). Make her girlfriends compliment her.
  3. The salon manager communicates with clients: where to wait, where is a magazine, beverages, “everything is fine?” etc.
  4. A turnkey manicure or “All-inclusive”. Your customers are 100% sure there are no hidden payments that they do not know in advance. It very important, it excludes negative expectations & experiences in your salon. Read more here.
  5. Expert advice. Your salon should be an expert who recommends the best option, especially to her case. What kind of manicure is perfect for her fingernails? We have developed a number of recommendations on how to be the expert. It is a quite big topic, we cover it in one on the next articles😉. 


We have developed all these business methods on our own experience. Hundreds of beauty salons have already succeeded by following them. Join the list of super successful salons! 


If you have questions, write to, comment&direct on Instagram or talk to us through the online chat. With love ❤️❤️❤️ EMi team in UAE.