Manicure with flower nail art on fingernails from EMi Dubai.

How to make 3D flowers on nails step by step

Impressive nail art with 3D flower can be made very easy with the step by step guide. The design is elaborated by a nail art champion Ekaterina Miroshnichenko for ladies, who don’t have special artistic or manicure technician education or experiences.

Materials to do this 3D flower design

All materials are available in our shop in Dubai. You will need the following items:

Our nail art materials are elaborated for beginners. It is easy to use.

Step by step guide: how to do 3D flowers nail art

The first step of the guide, that shows how to prepare nail plate.

Step 1: preparation of fingernail.

  • You need to prepare the fingernail and cover it with EMiLac 182 Sea foam.
  • Dry the gel layer 1 minute in LED lamp or 2 minutes in UV.
  • Apply EMiLac TOP GEL and put in the lamp (LED one for 1 min., UV lamp needs 2 minutes).
The second step of the instruction application of the nail pattern to the fingernail.

Step 2: nail pattern application.

  • Cut out a flower element of pattern Nailcrust. Put it into water for a few seconds. After that you need to remove the paper substrate.
  • Apply the pattern on the fingernail, glue and smooth it.
  • For better adhesion we recommend to dry a little bit in a lamp: 15-30 seconds in any type of lamps is enough.
  • As it always happens you have extra parts of the pattern that go beyond the nail. Don’t worry about it. All of it very easy to remove with ULTRABOND. Just apply ULTRABOND around the perimeter and remove the pattern remains with a wooden stick from the cuticle and the free edge zone.
  • Apply EMiLac TOP GEL. Don’t forget to use a lamp – LED for 1 minute or UV for 2 min.
Stage 3 of Step by step guide of making 3D flower nail art: Application of 3D nail sticker on fingernail.

Step 3: 3D nail sticker application.

  • To make a lunula design, we glue Charmicon Lunula No. 7.
  • Cover the nail with this TOP Gel Tackless.
  • Drying in LED / CCFL for 2 min., UV – 2 min.
Creation of 3D flower design with colored empasta.

Step 4: Paint with EMPASTA.

  • We paint the middle part of flowers and small petals with the material – EMPASTA “Ice lemon”. You can choose another color of the EMPASTA. 
  • Put the fingernails in a lamp: LED / CCFL – 2 min., UV – 2 min.
White 3D flowers nail art creation with Empasta.

Step 5: Paint the rest of the petals with white color.

  • To paint the rest parts of flowers with white colors use EMPASTA White refined. It is not required to dry now, because we will need the sticky layer on the next step.
Covering a fingernail with decorative velvet sand.
Final decorative manicure.

Step 6. Making of velvet effect on the flower design

  • Pour “Velvet Sand” onto the Empaste layer.
  • Dry the design: LED for 2 minutes, UV for 2 minutes.
  • Now you just need to remove the sand excess with a brush.
3D flowers on nails make by following the guide.

Now you know how to draw flowers on nails step by step. Improvise with design and materials. All EMI products are made for beginners, you can easily try different combinations. If you are interested in more deep knowledge take nail art classes in EMI school in Dubai. There are courses for beginners, a short 1 day training for middle levels, and high professional courses.