Beautiful decorative manicure with rhistones and butterfly.

How to do nail art Step by Step

Learn how to make nail designs that look awesome with our step by step manicure guides. EMi school in Dubai elaborates ready-made decorative manicures that easy to do. 

Materials to do this nail art

You can buy the materials in our store in Dubai. The following items is required for it:

Do not worry if you do not have an extensive experience in manicure. Our materials are easy to use.

Step by step guide: how to do 3D flowers nail art

Application of lacquer.

Apply gel polish.

  • Apply the gelish EMiLac 096 “Nude look”
  • Dry in a lamp (LED / CCFL – 1 min., UV – 2 min)
how to draw decorative lines.

Draw decorative lines.

  • Draw short vertical stripes with EMiLac 164 “Aloe Flame” and 169 “Military” 
  • Put in the fingernails in a lamp (LED / CCFL – 1 min., UV – 2 min).
Glue a butterfly shape sticker.

Apply a 3D nail sticker.

  • Stick Charmicon “Insects #2”.
  • Cover with Top Tackless. Dry during 2 minutes in a lamp. Again apply the Tackless. Again keep 2 minutes in a lamp.
Stick a rhinestone on the manicure

Adding of rhinestones.

  • Make dots with Base coating and glue rhinestones on it. Let it parch up as usual 2 minutes in a lamp. 
  • Put a layer of the Tackless around the rhinestones. Again dry the nails for 2 minutes.
Paint a pattern with empasta

Making a 3D design.

  • Add a 3D volume on the wings of the butterfly with Empasta “Baroque Gold” or Gemty Gel “Citrine”. Keep in LED (45 W) or LED / CCFL for 2-3 min.
Gold Textone paint covering

Cover with a gold paint

  • Cover the nail art with gold Textone.
  • Put Tackless on the Textone layer.
  • LED / CCFL – 2 min., UV – 2 min.
Beautiful decorative manicure with rhistones and butterfly.

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