How to do 3D nail art step by step

Do 3D nail art easy by following the step by step instruction. You no need to have a specific artistic or nail technician education to make such amazing 3D manicure designs.

Materials for making the 3D design

All materials are available in EMi store in Dubai. To make this 3D nail art you need:

All materials are made for professional nail technician and beginners without manicure background.

Step by step guide: how to do 3D nail art

Step 1: preparation of a gel base for designing.

  • Apply EMiLac Gel Polish Light beige 095 on the prepared fingernail plate.
  • Dry in LED / SSFL lamps – 1 min., UV – 2 min.
  • Now cover it with E. MiLac TOP GEL.
  • Again in the lamp: 1 minute (LED), 2 minute (UV)

Step 2: nail pattern application.

  • To draw a picture of the chosen design you need to apply a pattern. Choose an element from Nailcrust Patter Slider Quilted Manicure and put it into water for a second. Now remove the paper base of the slider, glue and smooth it on fingernail.
  • We recommend to dry it from 15 to 30 seconds in any lamp.
  • To better dissolve the excess of the slider, we apply ULTRABOND around the perimeter and remove the excess with a wooden stick from the cuticle, the side rollers and the free edge zone.
  • Now apply EMiLac Top Gel.
  • Dry for 1 minute in LED lamp (or UV – 2 min.)

Step 3: Apply Black gel polish.

  • Draw with EMiLac Gel polish Black Gloss 030 on pattern a decorative lunula.
  • Put the hand to LED lamp for 1 minute, UV – 2 min.

Step 4: Chanel Logo Application.

  • Paste 3D Nail art sticker Charmicon Love. Paint along the edges of Charmicon with EMPASTA Black Resin to make the Chanel logo pattern.
  • Apply EMiLac TOP Gel Tackless twice with intermediate polymerization during 2 minutes in any type of lamp.

Step 5: Painting with EMPASTA.

  • Fill the slider cells with EMPASTA Casual chic with the step-by-step polymerization after each application.
  • Put the fingernails in a lamp (any type) for 2 minutes.

Step 6. Drawing of decorative dots

  • Now you need to make points at the intersections with EMPASTA Gold Baroque.
  • Dry for 2 minutes.

Now you know how to do 3d nail art step by step with this guide. There are many options of nail art stickers, that you can use to improvise with your manicure. You can choose your lovely nail art designs from our gallery to try it. All product for them are available in EMi shop in Dubai. 

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