Easy nail art designs for beginners Step by Step

Do simple nail art designs easy with step by step guide for beginners from EMi School nail art in Dubai. As a nail technician school we strive to make even complex manicure very simple in execution. Today try to perform such a beautiful manicure following the tutorial. 

Materials used

All materials for this manicure are available in EMi store in Dubai. To make this 3D nail art you need:

This products you can buy in EMi shop in Dubai.

Step by step guide: Easy nail art for beginners

Step 1: Apply the sticker.

  • Stick Charmicon “Lunula No. 26” onto the prepared fingernail plate.

Step 2: Gel polish covering.

  • There we use 3 different colors for each part of fingernail plate. So carry out the coating with Gel polish “Nymph” 176, “Spring foliage” 181 and Gel polish “Star dust” 108.
  • Dry the fingernail: 1 minute in LED or CCFL lamp, UV – 2 min.
  • Cover with TOP Gel Tackless. Drying during 2 min. in any kind of lamps. 
  • Apply again the second layer of Tackless.

Step 3: Application of Rhinestones.

  • Put the rhinestones on Base Gel.
  • Keep the fingernail in LEd during 1 min. or in UV – 2 min.
  • Apply TOP Gel Tackless around the rhinestones. To dry 2 minutes.

Step 4: Adding silver dots.

  • Put the dots with EMPASTA “Openwork silver” between the rhinestones.
  • Dry in LED / CCFL – 2 minutes, UV – 2 minutes.

Here is a very nice nail design that easy to do for beginners with step by step guide. Many of our designs are simple in performance, especially with using of  stickers. Choose one of the nail art with stickers and make it easy with EMi products.