Advanced nail technology of EMi nail school

Stylized painting nail technology course

It is advanced nail technology for professional beauty salon technicians.

Training allow you to create artistic flower patterns, juicy fruits, as well as clothes elements:
  1. Flower patterns: authored flower, round flower, authored lilies and poppies.
  2. Juicy fruit: apple, cherry and raspberry, peac and plum, strawberry and others fruits. You will learn how to create as planar fruits design, as convex.
  3. Imitation of fabric elements: you learn technology of creating cloth folds, guipure and lace.

Take a look at the examples in the image, you will see that this delightful course will allow you to attract new clients and increase the loyalty of your clientele. Your customers will just love these designs.

Additional information about the trainings

  • You will receive an official European certificate of completion of this advanced course.
  • The training materials provides by EMi school.

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2 дня
AED 980
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Advanced nail technology of EMi nail school