EMi nail art training courses in Dubai, UAE. For salon technician.

Art Painting. The ABC of line training course

You will learn a lot of different designs and will develop the basic skills of painting. Also, you will learn how to set up a hand professionally.

Nail art learning in our school allows you to provide amazing and unique EmiManicure Service. A manicure performed in the highest quality after our nail art lessons.

EMi School offers highly-efficient educational programmes developed for masters without special education. A step-by-step lessons from simple to complicated improve professional competence from a beginner to highly skilled master.

The main technique the creative nail design training

  • French design
  • Moon manicure
  • Vertical and horizontal gradient
  • Imitation of fabric design
  • Matt and glossy coating
  • using  stickers and stencils 
  • manicure with Princot

Learn nail art with EMi nail design school and add a "Wow" factor to your list of offered services, which will definitely bring on new customers and ignite the interest of loyal clientele.

Additional information about the trainings

Our classrooms are fully equipped and located in Dubai.
We provide learning materials. 
After completion a certificate is provided.

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It is nail art design course for beginners

The School presents only unique educational programs, elaborated specially for manicure masters without artistic education. All programs are based on original techniques, developed by Ekaterina Miroshnichenko 

2 дня
AED 980
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EMi nail art training courses in Dubai, UAE. For salon technician.