Nail technician training courses in Dubai, UAE.

The EMi design technologies training course 

Are you thinking how to become a nail technician? how to become a highly skilled master of nail design?

During this training for nail technician you will learn professional and most popular techniques of Nail Design.

The main techniques of the nail technician training course

  1. Molding: embossment, a glossy manicure
  2. Holographic manicure
  3. Liquid stones
  4. Velvet sand
  5. Craquelure effect 
  6. Enamel with gold
You will learn to imitate the natural jewels on nails. The two-day classes include the creation of jewelry with painting technique, with a convex surface and shiny faces, necklaces and pendants on the tips of fingers.

Technique "Velvet Sand" allows you to achieve the effect of placers of gems with intricate patterns.

You will learn how to create the effect of craquelure. We teach you how to create this effect using a special gel-polish of EMi, as well as brushes and foils.
The classes include both techniques craquelure effect "soft" and "hard", with thick lines.

Technology of creation craquelure effect with EMi gel polish allows from 2 weeks to a month to enjoy a nice manicure.

Enamel with gold. This technique is similar to the jewelry collection of the Austrian company FREY WILLE. Awesome bright colors and glitter of gold.

Before E.MI DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES is recommended to take a training of "Art painting. The ABC line"

Additional information about the trainings

  • We conduct the nail technician courses in our Dubai classrooms, as well as directly in beauty salons.
  • After completion a certificate is provided.

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It is a training for nail technician in Dubai

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Nail technician training courses in Dubai, UAE.