3D nail art: Fresh Boom!

The course name is “Fresh boom”.

Would you like to do amazing 3D nails easy and fast? This education program is for you! 

We will teach you to make professional nail designs as it is in high-level salons.

1 day

8 hours during a day

Advanced level

The training for experienced salon technicians and freelancers.

Official Certificate

The certificate is provided.

At this class, you will learn how to create 3D manicure using plasticine and various decorative materials, such as neon powder, empasta, etc.



This training is developed by EMi school for salon technicians who are looking for new ideas of decorative manicure. It’s like a creative cocktail of ideas and ready-made solutions for fingernails decorations.

At this class, you learn how to create 3D shapes by your hands without stickers. That is why you need to have some experience in nail services. You will use plasticine pasta, Gemty Gel, empasta, powders.

The syllabus includes:

perfect 3D pieces of jewelry with currant berries, raspberries, lemons, cherries & decorative green peas

sea style designs: fishes, snail, shells.

1 day

One full day of learning.

4-6 students at the classroom

We keep the education group small, then the trainers are able to pay attention to the difficulties of each student to advice how to overcome it.


A certificate is provided.

Advanced level

This class is recommended for professional technicians & experienced freelances. Are you a beginner? Drop a few lines to us, we will advise you which course is the best for your starting.


We are here to guide you. Do you have a question or a doubt? Email to us or let’s chat right here via an  online chat.

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