3D nail art designs

Look at 3D nail art & design pictures created by EMi for you. The 3D manicure is elaborated that you wear them on your fingernails. We sell all the products you need to do these designs. The instructions on how to apply are presented on the stickers on how to make simple 3d Nail Art. If you want to learn how to make more complected decorative manicure, take our 1 or 2-day course.

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3D manicure

All 3D manicures presented here are elaborated by our Chief Technique – Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. She is a two-times world champion of nail art, a real fashion designer in the world of nails. On the other hand, Ekaterina owns a chain of beauty salons, so she knows exactly what the technician needs at work.

Therefore, nail designs are:

  • incredibly beautiful on fingernails
  • easy to do, because all the details are thought out in advance.

We call it #emimanicure.

How fashion EMi nail designs are born.

A whole team is working on the creation of each new design under the personal guidance of Ekaterina Miroshnichenko. Therefore, each manicure is a masterpiece from the best professionals in the fashion industry.

How to choose a perfect nail art for you

We made a short video to help you to choose the best 3D nail art or another kind of design.

Do you want to try our decorative manicure? More than 50 salons in Dubai and other cities of the UAE provide #emimanicure service. Ask us, we will suggest you the salon near you.

How to make these 3D nail designs

There are simple 3d nail art design that you can do by yourself:

  1. Watch our step by step guides,
  2. Choose which one design you prefer,
  3. Order the necessary items from our online shop 
  4. Make the 3D manicure by following the video instruction.

More complicated designs request to take training. It is easy because we provide short nail art classes. There are training for beginners and professional nail technician courses. You will learn how to do presented here 3D nail art and dozens other.

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