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100 colors from 10 gel paints

How to get hundred colors from a small set of gel paints

First of all I would like to introduce you EMi and our gel nai paints, that will be discussed further. If you are familiar with the EMi products, then move on to the next part of this article below.

EMi offers all kinds of products for nail art and design. The EMi brand offers a wide range of decorations and accessories. EMi paint gel polymerize in one minute. Some of EMI paints get polymerized in a few seconds. This feature notably reduces the time spent on any fingernail design. EMi gives the possibility to create designs on both hands with no need to do patterns one by one. The special formula of EMi prevents them from smudging and bleeding which always guarantees the result you want.

EMi offers highly pigmented products with bright color appearing on the first coat. EMi products allow for fast and easy implementation of any of your most daring projects. Let me prove it right now.

Gel paint of EMi

Let me tell you a bit about our nail gel paints. Any paint line consists of 10 colors. In particular there are matt, neon and pearlescent colors. All colors are interchangeable and can be mixed together to produce extra color variations. This can save a lot of nail designers money.

We offer color sets of 10 and 6 paints. There are also single boxes of paints, that look like lipstick boxes.

EMi gel nail paint cosmic pink

Each box contains either a five or ten grams of gel nail paint.

I'll tell you, when a beginning nail designer starts working with the products and doesn't have any customers for nail design yet, then 5 gram tubes are the most economical choice.

You can mix these shear colors with other shades and store them right in this tray for pastels.

EMi gel paints on a palette

What else is so special about the boxes. Every box contains tips for technicians on how to get additional shades in case you're not sure about how to mix gel paints. These are the basic variations when starting a nail design mixing skills come with experience.

What's the advantage of buying gel paints and sets buying. Sets cut your supply costs by ten percent. Sets include the most popular colors you will be using in the beginning. This is why i would recommend purchasing sets for those who are starting their first steps with a career in nail design.

Mixing basic nail art gel paint colors

Let's start with the shades. You can get from mixing basic colors with the Alps snow color . Snow in the Alps is an all-purpose white color used for both French manicures and creating pastel shades. Add some yellow, some blueand some Night Violet.

It is mixing EMi gel paints on a glass

You can see, that they are colors from the set. These milky shades can be used for coding a French manicure and for art painting.

Mix the color and you have some pastel yellow, baby blue, lilac and, for example, baby pink shades.

It is mixed emi gel paints

Let me take a little flashback and explain a bit more about creating new shades by mixing.
We've already talked about pastel colors. Now let's look at pearlescent pastels. We have a very special pant gel called white pearls, which is also included in the kit. It's a unique radiant shade suitable for both French manicures and for producing other pearlescent shades.
Ok let's mix a light pinkish pearlescent shade. We take some cosmic pink and added to the original white pearls to achieve this gorgeous shimmery shade. if we opted for greens we just add some wine. Here's a nice pearlescent green shade.
The same technique is for the blue just a little bit of the right piece of color. And here we are .

Creating of pearlescent gel paint colors

And finally last tips for you. We will take the elegant dark color called walnut. If we need to make it a tad lighter, we just add some progress and white and get an awesome alessan brown. The kit includes both maya gold and losing news, which create an incredible green shade when mixed together. This shade is very saturated and is often used for the peacocks feather design pattern. If we need a different shade of green we take some maya gold mix it with a little bit of black tulip and get a khaki green shade. We can use maya gold. It's great for changing other colors.

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