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Metallic manicure and mirror effect on nails by EMi

Metallic manicure or mirror effect on nails.

EMi developed an original technique of nail art «TEXTONE» and unique material to create metallic mirror nails. Texton paint is a special paint with a metallic sheen, that effectively emphasizes any relief or 3D pattern on the nails. The Texton paint looks very nice on nails.

Features metallic nail art designs with texton:

  • It have a liquid consistency that allows you to cover a very thin layer. This is a very economical consumption of paints.
  • Texton can be applied several layers for rich color, it will not look ponderous.
  • Texture of paints makes it easy to mix them to give a variety of shades.
  • The metallic nail paints are useful because vials look like a regular nail polish, a brush is the same.
  • Texton reveals any surface irregularities. That can be both a plus and a minus. It is good to emphasize the volume pattern, but somewhat inconvenient if you need to cover a perfectly flat surface of the nail.
  • The paints dry in a natural way without the UV lamp. It is very convenient to use at home. If you want to dry the paint very quickly, use a UV lamp.
  • These paints was originally designed to be combined with many other materials, so its scope is very broad. Texton nails designs can be performed using any decorative elements: liquid stones, stikers, velvet sand, crystals and others.

Gold metallic design on nails

How to make metallic nails with Texton

Creation of texton mirror manicure includes two options.

  • The first option. Use paints as the background. This means that you need to cover the entire surface of the nail, and on top of a bright metal background you create a design.

  • The second option. Use texton to emphasize the relief, that is made by 3D-gels, acrylics or other available materials.

There are several important points to use Texton:
  • Whether it's natural nails, gel polish or artificial nails, in any case, you should carefully polish surface and covered it in any base material. That will remove the irregularities.
  • Texton apply a thin layer. You need paying attention to the ends and sides of the nail.
  • To wear metallic nail designs or metallic french manicure for a long time, you need to cover your design  and seal the end of the nail topcoat

Blue metallic manicure is created by EMi Textone.jpg

How to get metallic nails at home

Technology of creating textone mirror manicure at home is easy. Paints are easy to use.

The instructions below will help you:

  1. The surface of the nail should be prepared. The surface should be sanded carefully.

  2. Cover the nails a base material to remove the slightest unevenness.

  3. If you want to do metallic nails with monochromatic coating, or to create a pattern on top of paints, you just need to apply several layers of Texton paints on the nail. The technology is not different from the ordinary using varnish. Use your imagination or our templates to create gorgeous metallic nail art designs on Texton coating.

  4. If you need to create a complex design, for example, with a bas-relief, first of all you have to do a background cover. Dry the background. Now draw the desired pattern. On top of the design put thinly Textone to bring out your pattern.

  5. In both cases, at the end you have to put top coat to fix the result.

  6. Wait until the material will be dried out or dry the nails in the UV lamp.

EMi guide of complex metallic manicure and mirror effect on nails.jpg

Mirror manicure with Texton can be a great option as a every day manicure, as well as for celebrations.

EMi Textone set includes 5 colors: gold, silver, red, blue and black.
These colors allow you to create gold and silver metallic nails, metallic red, blue and black nails. These colors are created in such a way that you can get absolutely any color using only these 5 shades.

mix of 5 EMI texton metallic colors

Aslo you can buy a Texton set of 2 the most popular colors: silver and gold.

Silver metallic nails with EMi Textone

A metallic sheen always looks bright and elegant.

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