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How to use nail art transfer foil

We'll make ideal casting fr om the cuticle to the free edge. We will use nail transfer foil. We will examine the situation when we don't succeed at first in printing the foil. When you start to use  nail art foils, you are often faced with such a situation.

We will need one of the Glossemy gel paint, for example, the Gold casting. Also we will use the Princot gel and the Champagne Gold glossy foil. And we'll take the oval brush number six.

We prepare the natural nail make manicure preferably the combined one. We remove the shine and oiliness of natural plate. Then we degrease it applying Nail Prep Aid. This additional degreaser is especially if you have had manicure.

The next essential layer is a EMiLac Base Gel at least two layers. It is preferable that is transmitted.

Always the dispersion film of the EMiLac Base we apply the first Gold casting Glossemy layer. Dry it. It will be like foil glue for nails.

Application of nail art foil

We apply the foil in two stages:
  1. We apply the nail art foil the first layer. When you are printing you should fix it a little. Never tear the transfer foil immediately. Count up to 5-6 and tear it off abruptly. We have implemented the first layer and to make the surface perfect especially near a cuticle. We apply a thin layer of Princot. It is important that your apply Princot gel thinly. Then we dry it in EMi Lamp 30 to 60 seconds.
  2. The second imprint of the same nail gold foil. And we dry in the lamp one more time.
Apply EMiLac top gel. The first layer of top gel should be applied very quickly. One movement covers half of the nail, the rapid second movement covers the rest of the nail. And the second layer can be applied more perfectly. So our foil won't give up. That is why you should be accurate and quick on the first counting and don't forget about their edges of the nailplate.

If you see the nails are soft, you can apply this third layer of the EMiLac top gel.
If you work with the artificial nails then we recommend using special protective layer. It's one phase Easy One Gel. It has a wonderful film surface of a fix were perfectly along the free edge at preventing it from breaking away.

Finally we can decorate the cuticle area with EMPASTA One Stroke White Rafinad to hide imperfections along the cuticle, wh ere almost impossible to apply a foil. Let the empasta to dry.

Your gold foil nail art design is ready!