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Empasta gel nail paint

Empasta nail gel paint

Today I would like to tell you about a special EMi gel paint for nails. Empasta is a new innovative product, which allows you to use a one stroke technique easily and simply.

I would like to show you just 10 tone colors. These are classic colors, which can be blended to create additional tone colors.
Empasta gel nail paint

Of course the most popular and requested colors are white and black. Empasta white rafinad and black tar are perfect for one stroke technique and to create outlines.

  White rafinad:

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Black tar:
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The next colors are castagna, red cranberries, yellow corn, poppy granite juice, purple heart, lilac fog, magenta and azure blue.

Features of Empasta gel paints

It is heavy body paint similar to acrylic.
• Firstly, because of their consistency the paint to dot flow outwards.
• Secondly, intermediate drying takes just 2-3 seconds simplifying the work involved using the one stroke technique.
You can apply the second stroke to 2-3 seconds after the first one. This is fast, simple and really simplifies your work. It is very pleasant to work with, but one stroke painting is quite a difficult technique for both beginner and skillful master. However when you use EMi empasta your work is much easier and more pleasurable, even though.

The main and absolutely new advantage of empasta is that despite its stiffness. EMI paint gel empasta has no residual tackiness. Traditionally paint with no residual technical quite literally, but our product is a very heavy body of paint, whilst having no residual tackiness.

An extra advantageof Empasta nail gel paints

You can grow a design right on finish nails. First of all, you have to cover the nail with topcoat and remove any greasy residue. After that you can draw neat lines. You get slightly non-uniform fast relief surface and this gives individuality to your design.
If you don't like this effect, you can cover it with a top coat with an adhesive layer. The surface will become glazed and plant.
As for me I think, that it is much more interesting to draw on a completed topcoat. So how you can create a neat line drawing. It's recommended to draw it on a glazed surface for optimal effect.

You must remove any greasy residue from the surface that's why empasta can be used at any stage. Even if you had no plans to create nail art, you can offer it to a client. Even upon completion of their manicure. You can apply it in the very end. On padded surface of topcoat, it doesn't matter whether, it is gel polish, bio-gel or classic. You can paint over gel nails and other surfaces.

The last thing that I want to tell you is the variable when empasta is applied a top top coat. For example, you have finished the clients nails and decided to offer her a rose drawn using the chinese painting technique. To do that we have to cover the surface of the nail with topcoat. When you apply the first layer you can cover or ten fingers because the paint doesn't drip. After that you can apply a second layer, because the previous layer of paint is not smudging, even though we applied it just a few seconds ago.

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