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How to make 3D nail design with EMPASTA "E.Mi"?

Simple 3d nail art designs with EMi

Firts of all let me present two tone colors of empasta:

EMi Baroque Gold for nail art 3dEMi Openwork Silver for nail art 3d designs
It differs slightly from the tent own colors which we demonstrated before. I'm speaking about tone colors designed for one stroke technique.
These two colors - baroque gold and openwork silver - basically designed for the use a technique called framing modeling. It is our course called 3d vintage framing modeling.

I recommend drawing elements monograms or simple 3D nail art lines, which do not require a topcoat. You won't need a top coat, because baroque gold and openwork silver also have no residual tackiness. This allows fast relief to remain as it was when you first applied it. You know that the top coat has attended slightly flattened, but in this case the volume of 3D designs remain unchanged.
3d design nail art with EMi empasta
If you want to create higher pass relief, it is recommended to press empasta baroque gold or openwork silver after glass or paint palette and leave uncovered in the open air for some time, a day or two. Then it thicken slightly and can be comfortably used to apply these elements on the surface of the fingernail crate.

Let me remind you the fingernail has to be covered with the topcoat and any greasy residue removing the surface. You need nail art brushes near 5/0 and you could also use brush perfect 3/0. It just depends on your personal preference as to whether you use it longer or shorter brush. I use nail art brush linear 5/0 as it is longer.

Let's choose the variant like french white and golden monograms. It is the traditional choice in classical variant of nail art 3D designs. We will use baroque gold.
how to do 3d nail art step by step with empasta
I have previously covered the fingernail with top coat, when drawing the first pass. You just mark the lines position and to draw all contours baroque gold allows for creation of real baroque elements as nail art 3D.

It used to be very difficult in the past to create such elements, because the finish always spoiled the surface and voluminous. Elements became flat. But when you use empasta, the elements keep the volume just as you applied. We can draw leaf-shaped or other 3D flower nail art design elements.

How to make 3D nail art

Now i will explain how to do 3D nail art using empasta for framing modeling. I recommend to dry it under the led lamp, because drawing velocity under these lamps is terrific. We must initially dry the first layer, then the second and if necessary the third layer only after the second layer has dried completely. Drying time under the UV lamp is slightly longer, but the LED lamp allows very fast and comfortable drying and the most important thing about the LED lamp. It drives the layer all the way through. We can apply the second layer in two minutes. If we want to highlight the volume we can add a small amount of empasta for one stroke.

Empasta for framing modeling perfectly blends with empasta for one stroke. You know that both empasta for framing modeling and empasta for one stroke have no residual tackiness. We use empasta or one stroke only for the brightening of details. It cannot be used to create volume.
how to make 3d nail art with EMi empasta
You can clearly see the volume we have created and you can see that we do not cover it with a top coat. It remains in the same condition. As you see it is applied a top a top coat. If you did everything correctly use LED lamps a great trying to ensure each layer was dried thoroughly and you used empasta framing modeling and this result will last a month until the next correction. It can be perfectly filed off during the correction and it won't take a lot of time.

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