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how to make nail art design simply

In this review, I'll show you how to make a simple nail art. It will be a step by step guide. I'll show you how to make nail design on natural fingernails and artificial plate.

Materials for this beautiful simple nail art design.

We will need few of the gel paints. For example, I will use gel paints City woman Morning Sky and Nude Look. Also we will use E.MiLac Base, E.MiLac Matt top and E.MiLac Top gels. We will use EMPASTA. For additional decoration, we will use Charmicon sticker and Gel Liquid Stones for gemstones imitation.

 Thus, we use:
  • Gel paints
  • Empasta
  • Base gel
  • Matt top gel
  • Top gel
  • Nail art sticker
  • Liquid Stone
If you do not have some paint color that you want to use for your fingernail designs, then read our article How to get hundred colors from a small set of gel paints

Step by step nail art tutorial

We will do this beautiful simple nail art in 5 steps. Each step will be described separately, so you can easily use it.

The first step. We prepare the natural nail plate to create our fingernail designs. For this purpose cover plate E.MiLac Base gel by 1 or 2 layers. Dry in a lamp. If you are using the LED / CCFL lamp, keep fingers in the lamp 30 seconds. If you are working with a UV lamp, you need to dry for 2 minutes.

Preparation of natural nails for nail art design.jpg

If you are working with an artificial nails, then you file, polish and degrease it.

Pretaration of artificial nails for nail art design.jpg

The second stage. Cover the surface of natural or artificial nails by gel paint "Morning Sky" or another your favorite color. Dry with LED / CCFL lamp for 30 seconds or 2 minutes in the UV lamp.

How to do beautiful simple nail art design

After drying, draw the lunulaes, as it is done on the image. In order to drawing the lunulaes, use “Nude Look” paint.
This step is identical for the artificial and natural nail.

The third step. Now it's time to use Charmicon art sticker. I will use Charmicon «Frames Silver №2». When you stick the sticker necessarily to fix it on the surface tightly.

Decorated simple nail art of EMi

If you are working with natural nails: inside frames of the Charmicon we mapped by E.MiLac Matt top gel. Outside of the Charmicon we will cover the surface by E.MiLac Top gel. Dry it in a lamp. Again, 30 seconds in LED / CCFL lamp or 2 minutes in UV lamp.
If you work with artificial nails: inside frames of the Charmicon we mapped by Finish gel. Outside of the Charmicon we will cover the surface by Finish Matt. When you use finish gel on artificial surface, you should dry it in any kind of lamp for 2 minutes.
After that degrease our simple design.

The fourth step. Apply EMPASTA to draw texture of reptile skin. The design can be performed with intermediate step of polymerizing by LED / CCFL - 2 min, UV -. 2 min.

simple nail art 2017 decorated by EMi nail products

The final step. Put a point between the lunulaes using Gel Liquid Stones. Put on the point any crystal and gently push it, so it is tightly glued to Liquid Stones.

simple nail art designs by EMi

The final drying. At this last stage the natural or artificial nails should be dried for 2 minutes in any kind of lamp.
Now you have to degrease your excellent fingernail design.


beautiful simple nail art image

It's easy with the tutorial, just follow this step by step nail art guide and enjoy your beautiful nail art design!

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