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How to do velvet nails

Nail art manual for velvet nails

Today we look at how to do velvet nail designs. As always, I have done for you step by step manual. Some of you are working with natural fingernails, others work with artificial, so I'll show you the features of the velvet design on both the surfaces.

Materials for velvet nail art

For the design, we will use following materials.

 On natural fingernails     On artificial fingernails
E.MiLac Base gel  
E.MiLac Matt top gel Finish Matt gel
E.MiLac 040 Tender Powder Gel paint «Raspberry Cake»
EMPASTA White Rafinad Gel paint «Alpine Snow»
Nail velvet Sand E.Mi Velvet Sand E.Mi

Step by step manual of velvet nail designs

The manicure manual contains 5 steps.

The first step. First of all you have to prepare the natural nail plate. Cover the surface using E.MiLac Base gel by 1-2 layers. The base should be dried in a lamp. Using the CCFL or LED lamp, it is necessary to dry only 30 seconds in the lamp. If you are using UV, then dry 2 minutes.

Preparation natural nails for velvet nail art design with EMi school

 When you work with an artificial nail, you have to file, polish and degreasing it. EMiLac Base is not used for artificial surfaces.

Preparation of artificial nails for velvet nail art design with EMi school

The second step. This stage has different options which depend on whether you are working with natural or artificial surface:
  1. If you are doing a design on natural nails, then cover it with EMiLac 040 Tender Powder and dry it.
  2. If you are doing a design on artificial plates, you should use the gel paints. Do not forget to dry the coated surface.

coated nail for velvet nail art with EMi school of nail design

  In both cases, the LED lamp dries within 30 seconds, UV lamp dries for 2 minutes.

The third step. 
  1. If it is natural nails, then use E.MiLac MATT TOP GEL to cover it. After that dry it using LED lamps for 30 seconds or for 2 minutes in UV lamps.
  2. if it is artificial plates, then use FINISH MATTE GEL. And, of course, dry it in a lamp. Finish Matt must be dried for 2 (LED / UV lamp).

coated by finish nail for velvet nail art with EMi school of nail design

The fourth step. At this stage, we will create a picture of our design. Draw elements of the pattern, as it is made on the image. You can make any pattern.
To draw the patterns need to use a special material:
  1. If it is natural plates, then mix E.MiLac Tender Powder and EMPASTA White refined.
  2. If it is artificial nails, then mix Gel paint «Raspberry Cake» and «Alpine Snow» paint. 

nail art manual of EMi school of nail design

Do not dry your pattern!

The fifth step. Pour a lot of velvet nail powder on the design. The sand will stick to your pattern. To secure the velvet you need to dry your design. Any type of lamp dries during a 2 minute. Clean the remnants of nail velvet sand by a brush.

velvet nail art with manual of EMi school of nail

Done! Enjoy!! Now you know how to do velvet nail art.

velvet nail art by EMi school of nail design

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