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Learn how to do nails with EMI amazing nail art tutorials

This article is a continuation of a series of guides that focus on nail art learning with EMi school. In this step by step guide you will learn how to combine different materials that do amazing nail art designs.

Combined designs are more complex, but you already know a lot of features and design technology, which we have shown in our previous articles (if not, learn article about empasta and other useful texts).
In this guide, we will teach you to do a complete Emi Manicure. The manicure made with a nail couturier Ekaterina Miroshnichenko's designs.

Materials for an amazing nail designs of Emi Manicure

We will use gel paints, EMPASTA, studs and stickers for decorations, Liquid Stones, and support materials as Base and Finish gels, Ultrabond.

 Type of mateial   Name of material
Gel paint Nude Look paint
Studs Gold studs
Stickers     NAILCRUST Pattern Sliders black #7  
Base coat   E.MiLac Base gel
Top coat Finish gel

Step by step nail art learning

The first step.
File, polish and degrease artificial plate of each fingernail to prepare it for making designs. Don’t use a base coating on artificial surfaces.

Image of prepared artificial nail for EMi nail art.jpg

The second step.
As you know, Emi Manicure is a set of designs. Each fingernail has an individual design, which together create an amazing manicure. At this stage, we will make the design at three fingers: little, index, thumb fingers.

Cover the nail with gel paint Nude Look and dry it. Gel paints should dry 30 sec. in LED / CCFL lamps or 2 min UV lamps.
Now apply the Finish gel to make the fixing cover. Dry 2 minutes in the lamp.

Coated nail by gel EMi gel paint

The third step.
For decorating you draw Ruffian near the cuticle using EMPASTA Black Tar. Dry your designs for 2 min.
Mix Gel Liquid Stones and EMPASTA Black Tar on the glass surface. To get the desired consistency, mix 2 portions of Liquid Stones and one portion of EMPASTA.
Fix a gold stud using the mixing material. Dry for 2 min.

Ruffian Emi manicure.jpg

We have completed the design for these fingernails.

The fourth step.
Now we will create an individual design on Middle and Ring fingers.
Cover the nail with gel paint Nude Look and dry it during 30 sec. in LED lamp or 2 min. in UV lamp.
Apply E.MiLac Base gel and dry only 15 sec. in LED / CCFL, 1 minute in UV lamp.

Coated nail by EMi paint

The fifth step. 
At this stage, I am going to teach you how to apply of NAILCRUST Pattern Sliders.

Nail with printed Nailcrust sticker.jpg

  1. Take NAILCRUST Sliders and cut a part of pattern, you want to use on your design. Look at the design of the image, and sel ect a similar piece of pattern. Douse it for some seconds and remove the paper. Slider is ready to use.
  2. Paste the piece on the nail. Drying during 30 sec. in any kind of lamps.
  3. Remove the excess of the slider around cuticle and sides of fingernail.
  4. To be more resistant clutch you must apply ULTRABOND. This will clean superfluous part of the sticker on the edges of the fingernail. Remove the superfluous fr om sides and cuticle zone and allow it to dry for few seconds.
  5. Coat with E.MiLac base gel and dry 30 sec. in LED 30, or 2 min. in UV lamp.
  6. Coat with Finish gel and dry during 2 minutes. Degrease it.

if you want to learn how to use Nailcrust and a lot of other professional materials and technologies under the personal guidance of a very experienced nail trainer, then write to our manager Anna by online chat ☎

The sixth step.
Now you will use Empasta for drawing imitation of reptile skin. I use EMPASTA Business Lady. Reptile skin can be made step by step with transitional polymerization. Dry it. Empasta should to dry 2 min. in any kind of lamps.

Reptile nail art by EMi empasta.jpg

The seventh step.
Fix gold studs as we did it before with mix of Gel Liquid Stones and EMPASTA Black Tar. Final drying in LED or UV lamp during 2 min.

Reptile EmiManicure.jpg

It is done! Enjoy your amazing nail art design!
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Image of completed Emi manicure

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