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how to do easy nail designs step by step

Nail art tutorial for beginners

Today, I'll introduce you to a professional technology "Golden casting." We will consider how to do easy nail design step by step. I have prepared for you nail art tutorial for beginners, that will enable you to create a beautiful bronze nail art. As always, I'll show you the features of working with natural and artificial nails.

Materials for bronze nails

To create a bronze art design, we will need following materials:
  1. E.MiLac BASE GEL
  2. GLOSSEMI Gold Casting
  3. GLOSSEMI Red Metallic
  4. Foil glossy Copper
  5. PRINCOT gel
  6. E.MiLac 006 Hawaiian Party
  7. E.MiLac Top gel or Finish gel

You can make gold, silver, red, blue and any other color design. For more information, read the article How to use nail art transfer foil.

Step by step nail art for beginners

The nail art tutorial contains 6 easy steps.

The first step. Before you make any design, it is necessary to prepare fingernails. Apply 1-2 coats of E.MiLac Base gel on the natural nail and dry the base coat in a LED lamp for 30 seconds, or if you use a UV lamp, then dry 2 minutes.

Prepered natural nail

If you do the design on artificial nails, it is necessary only to file, to polish, to degrease it. No need to use a base coat on artificial nails.

Prepered artificial nail

The second step. Mix GLOSSEMI paint and cover the nail. I mix GLOSSEMI «Gold Cast" and "Metallic Red" for the color of bronze.
Dry coating. If you are using LED lamp, then dry it is only 30 seconds if the UV lamp, then dry for 2 minutes.

Nail is coated with Glossemi gel paints

The third step. At this stage, we use a glossy foil. Print the foil professionally as we do it in EMi School of nail design. To do this, you must start from the center, then the sides and only at the end you are imprinting area of the cuticle and the nail end.

Nail is after printing bronze EMi foil

At first sight it seems difficult, but after a few attempts you will get an excellent result.

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The fourth step. Now we need to fix the result. Cover your design with PRINCOT gel and dry in the lamp for 30 seconds. in LED or 2 minutes to UV. Do not dry the design longer than necessary, because the gel lose sticky residual layer and it will be impossible to go to the next step.

coating nails with Princot gel

The fifth step. Again print the foil over Princot.

Nail is after printing bronze foil

The sixth step. Draw Ruffian near the cuticle using E.MiLac 006 "Hawaiian party". Dry in a LED / CCFL lamp for 30 sec., UV lamp dries for 2 minutes. The final touch that will make your design is durable:
  • If you are working on natural nails, you need to cover design with glossy E.MiLac Top gel and dry it. LED - 30 sec, UV - 2 min.
  • If you are working on artificial nails, you should make the coating with Finish gel. Finish gel requires drying for 2 minutes in any kind of lamp.

Bronze nail art with nail art tutorial for beginners

Now you know how to do bronze nails by using professional technology "Golden casting". If you want to do nail art on a professional level, our 1-2 days course are for you.

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